Tuesday, October 12, 2004

OMG I Posted A Picture!!!

Holy Crap, I finally did it. After many months of fiddling with our digital camera, having it break, returning it to Future Shop, learning how to work the new one, I have finally posted a picture. That is the youngest (DN3) for those of you that keep track. She is also the same daughter that cut her own hair so outrageously a few years ago (See http://woolflowers.net/) Do you feel that mother's pain? What's new you ask? What have I been up to you ask? Well, there has been so much going on. Hubby's birthday party was a huge surprise and he loved it. He had a hockey game with his friends, then drinks and dinner upstairs at the restaurant. It was wonderful. DN2 is in semi-final action tomorrow for her school soccer team so I hope I am feeling better than I am right now (sore throat, hot air in the nose thing) you get the picture.

Pardon? Oh yes, thank you for asking, I am sleeping much better. I am in love with my king size bed. I thought I found true love when I got my Suburban (holds hockey bags, three kids, friends of kids, husband, dog and bulk knitting purchases, please don't preach) but that was just lust. True love is sleeping on the other side of the room from your "snoring so loud guests sleeping in the basement can hear you" husband. I also do not feel him get up in the middle of the night for a trip to the loo. So, with a few other adjustments, yes I am doing quite well, thank you.

Knitting is progressing, although not in a "have everything finished" way but in a "slowly but surely and hope the damn things are finished by Christmas" way. Harlot's poncho (in blue and white cotton) is 3/4 done but find I am not rushing so much now that the cooler weather is finally, God love it, here. Started, and completed another umbilical cord hat from the SNB book. I did it in my favourite green from the Mission Falls cotton colourway. I had to do a SECOND one, do you know why? Hah! Cuz I SOLD the other one. What ya think of that? I am so impressed with myself. Still working on Fleece Artist shawl and Little Box of Scarves scarf and much, much more. I will leave you in a bit of suspense since I plan on posting some knitting pics very soon.

I think that is it, but I always think of more after I publish my post. Have a great week and please continue to...

Knit On

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