Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Added Later

Just checking the weather on my site and Holy Crap! Weather Pixie is such a ho! Check her out today

  • belly top
  • mini skirt
  • thigh boots

That's all folks!

What you thought you were getting a 2fer? Fat chance, one posting a day is all you can handle.

1 comment:

Michele said...

Hi Lisa, I think the trashy little Weather Pixie is fantabulous. I've got the one with the dog (because it looks like my Reuben) and she never changes her outfit except to put on a jean jacket when it's cold. Yours obviously has more fashion sense than mine. Which is about how I feel about my own fashion sense so it kinda fits. Doh! I hate those realizations!

I think my blog self should be way sexier than my real self but it just never works out that way!

Have a great day!