Monday, November 08, 2004

Ten Things That Really Piss Me Off! (In No Particular Order)

  1. People that blow their leaves onto the road and leave them there.
  2. Dog walkers that do not have the dog on a leash and that don't pick up the crap.
  3. The dog walker that will not pickup the crap and makes his wife do it instead.
  4. Parents that let their young children stay outside playing, after dark, and couldn't see them even if they wanted to because sunset was 4 hours ago.
  5. Shoppers that leave the cart at the end of the cash and expect the next person to move it.
  6. Shoppers that shop with their young children, on a school night, after 9:00 while they grab/touch/eat everything it sight.
  7. Cold sufferers that still use an old disgusting "hanky" and blow their noses repeatedly into this germ infested fabric.
  8. People that park in "Absolutely No Parking" zones because they think their time is so much more important than mine.
  9. People that blow snow onto the road and again, just leave it there for you to skid through.
  10. Telemarketers that call, after 6:00, looking for my husband, then not telling me what they want or why, because they can only speak with "the cardholder." What a laugh, do they not realize as long as I am breathing and able to answer the phone they will never ever personally speak to my husband?


Anonymous said...

how about cougars that think they're hip .... so painful.

-mega ass

Michele said...

Been meaning to post a comment for a while but have mostly been reading lately, not posting. Gotta tell ya that I like what you're contributing to the blog world. Knitting with your feet is very impressive! I gotta try that 'cuz I have very long toes. My favourite, though, is the PMS one. I laughed so hard I woke the cat and dog up.

Keep up the good work!