Thursday, November 04, 2004

Put Right Needle Through Stitch Posted by Hello

Dear Jane:
Here you have me in all my knitting glory. I got a pedicure on Friday just to do these pictures. Now I am not admitting to great knitting with my toes, maybe not even good knitting but dammit I can make a stitch and that's knitting in my books. Notice the sock lines on my legs? And btw, in the second picture my legs look ENORMOUS and I must assure you they are not that big, it must be the angle or something (***Disclaimer: Not that there would be anything wrong with legs that are like that I just don't think these look like my legs)

PS If you look closely you can see a free-spirited ball of yarn by the chair that somehow I always miss when I vacuum


Anonymous said...

It's me, Mary Beth, hockey socks? I LOVE the idea! WHAT a riot! I would think you could just knit a big tube in rib - acrylic all the way, right? I can't believe you can knit with your feet.

Anonymous said...

WTF are you serious? Now lets see you crochet

mary-margaret said...


The claim itself was credible in my view.

Now, I think you could be my hero du jour.