Monday, November 22, 2004

And lo' and behold... I find I can't sprinkle grass seed because it's ALREADY GRASS!!! Is this a testament to great grass seed or what? Posted by Hello

Just one of those tiny things that somehow seem to amuse me to no end.

Busy, busy weekend. Too much hockey and bustle and not enough knitting time. Almost finished the Grand River Yarn shawl, I just have to finish fringing (is that a word?) the other half. Also finished the Feather and Fan scarf and that turned out beauteeeful. These are both Christmas gifts so this pleases me to no end. Also, started and completed a scarf for my new coat using that loop method to produce an all loop kind of boa. The pattern seems a little odd at first, but once you get the hang of it, the item knits up very quickly. Still need to figure out what to knit for the kids' teachers. One is a young female so that really poses no problem but the other is an aging Scotsman and I have no clue what to knit for him. A pair of knickers for under his kilt perhaps? Any suggestions in this department would be seriously considered. I really want to knit more items for the baby charity as well so I better start looking at some easy and quick infant patterns.

Picked my mum and dad up from the airport on Saturday and my uncle loved his slippers. So glad he was pleased. I guess this knitting thing does benefit more than the yarn shop owners...

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