Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tickets Please...Last Call for the Granny Square 'Ghan Bandwagon!

Alternatively, you can board the Unbelievably Popular Ripple Blanket Bandwagon. Personally, I would like to board both at the same time. However, there are impediments. The first was actually obtaining the Holy Grail of Pattern Books. This little sucker was nowhere to be found. And I was like a quadzillionth in line for it at the library. Finally got it from and for a darn good price I might add. Then there was the problem of a below average crocheter trying to figure out dc2tog. Don't go there. Seven steps for one freakin' dc2tog? I'm thinking of checking out Expedia for tickets to travel on the "Unbelievably Popular KNIT Ripple Blanket Bandwagon" instead.

Now for the Granny Square 'Ghan Bandwagon. Cannot board. Can't even find the bloody platform. I am totally unable to create a granny square. You know the first crochet project that Grade 2 children master in one lesson? Don't know what the problem is but it must have something to do with early menopause.

But I do still knit. With some degree of accuracy and skill. The afghan was a quick knit and suprisingly satisfying. Basic rib knit with some stash bustin' yarn. A mix of Babi by Grand River Yarn and some burgundy cotton I had from something and I can't remember what (there's that E.M. thing again).
Oh, and Ottawa. Love it. The Byward Market area is phenomenal. Great stores, lovely pubs and restaurants. Thinking it would make a great girl's weekend. Perhaps the Chateau Laurier?


Elizabeth said...

Sorry you are not having luck in crochet land. You still could knit the hexagon one, non?
Are you going to the dkc show?

Elizabeth said...

...and the ribby 'ghan looks great and very thick and warm.
You do know those granny squares are drafty, don't you? It's the holes. Trust me.