Monday, April 30, 2007

Lusting after Vintage Bedding

I know this is a super crappy picture of "Nanny Mc Phee" but you have to watch this movie and see the vintage quilts, tartan rugs and granny square blankets/afghans that are on these beds. Truly a crafter's movie if there ever was one. I watched it for the first time on Saturday night and the whole family was getting rather peeved at me for pausing during all the bedroom scenes so I could fully absorb the bedding. Especially the granny square blanket. My husband thinks there are different squares involved but I think they are all the basic grannies with different colour combinations. Absolutley delightful. I may just watch it again for the blankets!

And a few blogs I am quickly becoming addicted to:

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And by 5:00 pm I always wonder where my time has gone.


jussi said...

I will have to see this one. I did the same thing watching the Narnia movie, the knitwear was exquisite, I don't know if you get the british Miss Marple series in Canada, but if so, its a must to watch, at least 2 knitwear changes for each major character in each episode.

btchwstix said...

Just watched the darn thing again.

Alex said...

I absolutely agree with you about the wonderful blankets in the children's bedroom... made me want to crochet a granny square blanket right away!
I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and try now to find some pictures of the blankets and quilts... think I have to rent the movie again...

Dees said...

I can not believe it!!!Nanny Mcphee was the movie that inspired me also to start on granny squares!I bought it so I could watch that scene over and over,awwww awesome!i LOVE your granny square afghan!