Monday, April 23, 2007

Is it possible...

To have clothes peg bag envy? If there is such a thing, surely I must have it. Deb at Homespun Living has made me re-think my ugly plastic basket I use for my clothes pegs (or is it pins?). Deb sells them on her site, the problem is I want the one she's using! It is positively fetching. I have been doing quite a bit of thinking about my clothesline lately. I gave it a good wash yesterday and now I need some new clothes pegs and of course, a lovely clothes peg bag to put them in. I do have some interesting clothesline stories. Many times I have had neighbours comment on my items that are hanging on the line. They have commented on my lovely sheets, my ginormous bath sheets and even a bra once. Is that politically correct? Is one allowed to comment on another's unmentionables that are on the clothesline? What is the clothesline etiquette here?

And where the heck can you get some nice, durable clothes pegs btw? I want some of these.
Granny squaring is addicting. I have about 20 done and am very pleased with myself. There is the looming question however, of who exactly is going to sew these babies together? I have tentatively crocheted a couple together and am not happy with the result. You get that ridge thingy. You all may remember one of my famous lines about sewing?
I have also learned in the last couple of weeks how to properly pick up stitches AND the 3 needle bind off which I think is frickin amazing cuz sewing up sucks big time and anything that eliminates the most shitty side to knitting, I want to be a part of.
February 2005
How's that for famous quotes? Feel free to use that one anytime.
I did trying blocking one just to see if it made much of a difference. It didn't. I guess the acrylic content is the reason for that. I am using a Pingouin yarn that is really quite lovely to work with. I am to understand that it is no longer available? Although the yarn store I purchased from had a tonne in stock. The colours are brilliant and very spring-y.

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Elizabeth said...

Mm, after following the links I liked the (sold) Laundry Day print bag. You may have to buy the fabric and make it YOURSELF! Looks easy peasy.
I'm a classic wooden peg girl myself but I do like the Bird on a Wire peg. Wonder where you can find those?
I have no comment on the sewing together of the granny squares...