Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have conquered the Granny square. After many, many tries, at last I have satisfaction. It's not really that I couldn't do them, it's just I didn't like them. They just did not look the way I felt they should look. There is a standard you know. The colour combinations out there are just too divine. I love hers. And this one was made out of pure determination (and not wanting to spend the pounds on the overpriced one from you know where). There are just too many to count. But the best has to be Caroline. She had a few set backs at the beginning and persevered. I love the candor. It was her persistence that motivated me. Thank you, Dolliedaydream!

The green, pink and blue ones were my first decent looking ones. I have since gone out and commited more yarn shopping felonies and the ice cream-y colours are the result.

Should I join the Grannyalong? Do you think they are good enough? I really can't say. Do I deserve a medal for trying?

Funny, I felt so great when it all came to me and they came out so well but the rest of the family didn't seem to share in my jubilation. Why is that?


caroline said...

If you join Grannyalong I will! Still not sure mine are good enough but they are very theraputic to crochet. I don't think I would have persevered had it not been for the encouragement and helpful hints from fellow bloggers. Your choice of colours are fantastic.

carol gill said...

I learnt to crochet when i was quite young and have now taken it up again to crochet my grand-daughter a blanket i made one with squares and now almost finished another but made one big one rather than sqares in pink,white and lilac imagine my surprise when i started reading bloggs to find they are quite popular again
carol x (elliebelle)