Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fabric and Roses

On Sunday my girlfriend and I went to a large antique market and all I came home with was a Laura Ashley cosmetic bag and what else? Fabric. It is truly beautiful and when the camera is repaired I will show it to you.

This brings me to the question of what the heck am I going to do with all this fabric? I have quite a bit for someone that is a novice sewer. The problem is I cannot resist gorgeous floral fabric. Period.

I absolutely revel in it. It gives me such a wonderful feeling it is almost indescribable. I am sure those that have this addiction know exactly what I am saying. But I only have the need for so many cushions. And blankets. And sheets. And pillowslips.
What is it about these fabrics that evoke such euphoria in me?

That being said, I had some lovely sheer fabric in a cotton print that I just used for curtains on the back door. DN1 was kind enough to point out last night that they have a floral print in them. Gee mum, more florals? I cannot emphasize enough the sarcasm that was in her voice.

Do you love fabric as much as this? Are you addicted? What do you do with all your fabric? And does hubby ever comment on the growing pile or the florification of your home?
I will update you with photos as soon as there is a working camera available;)


thriftymrs said...

I slowly building up an addiction to vintage fabrics. We live in a teeny tiny house with very little storage so the husband is not happy about these piles of flowery fabric springing up here and there.
Love me, love my fabric ay?

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Sadly, I, too, am becoming addicted. Just last night, I realized that fabric is everywhere. I don't even have a home for it anymore.

Your tastes are so much more refined and feminine than mine. Love your photo choices and now am curious about your finds Sunday.

Cathy said...

I can't resist vintage fabric - I buy it with the thought that one day it will come in useful, but am running out of storage. My hubby has taught the children to say "Are you sure we need more vintage tat?" whenever I try to buy anything, so I have taken to shopping without them and then putting it away before they notice. Then I can say "This old thing - I've had it for ages!". Works a treat!
Cathy XX

Hen said...

I'm a fabricoholic! I love it and treat myself to a new selection every few weeks. Why is it then, that every time I go to make something, I can never find just what I'm looking for? Ah well, time to choose some more then. How terribly tiring!
Hen x

Miss Linda said...

I'm so happy I found your lovely blog! I admit to being a bit of a fabriholic myself! I am unmarried, so I am able to decorate with feminine abandon. My apartment is starting to look a bit like Barbie's Dreamhouse.

Sal said...

I adore lovely fabric.
I used to have a fabric shop on ebay but now I just sell to friends etc. I have a good stash which will last me forever and a day, I should think!

vanessa said...

Aaaaahhhhh................... vintage fabric heaven................. Unfortunately my husband has very strong views about interior decorating in our house............ so we're always having to reach compromises, and there's only so much florality he'll tolerate..................... I'll just have to enjoy your florals!

Morfars bod said...
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Morfars bod said...

I share your feelings totally.
I don´t get along with my sewingmachine at all but cant resist
to buy lovely fabrics anyway.
You are lucky as there seems to be so much more lovely floralfabrics
available abroad than in Sweden.
Must keep checking your blog.
Regards, Vilda Tanten (Wild Lady)

The Vintage Kitten said...

Beautiful photos. You can never have too much floral fabrics! X

Jeanettes hus said...

Hallo over there!

thank you for visting my blogg and for leaving a commént!
I can see why you love my soppterrin!
What lovely fabrics you show on your blogg.
Love romantic!
But at the moment my home goes in white and as you know some details in black.
I think I allways will have a white, but change like pillows etc... so it will be a new home when I´m tired on black.....
Hope too hear from you again.
Love Jeanette

Lace hearts said...

I'm with you there. I just cannot resist. I've got rosebud sheets, cath kidston duvet cover, French fabric picked up on holiday and just waiting for me to stroke it, charity shop fabric, online shopped fabric - I simply can't stop sometimes. I'm having to have a very firm word with myself, as I've now filled the top of the wardrobe and a cupboard!

Knitting Mania said...

Hello Lisa....just popping in to see what you've been up too. Oh my I see you are full of fabric & roses...lovely fabric I must say.

You're so cute, love all your sweet vintage findings...

Enjoy your Fall season my friend!


Beata said...

I know exactly what you mean...I also have a very strong emotional attachment to fabric....especially with roses on it!!

sarah a beach cottage said...

oh goodness you've put it into words! I am exactly the same, I have so so much fabric now I can do any look, old english, beachy, modern floral, English cath style, Amy Butler, and the list goes on. Even worse is I dread cutting it, I get it out, look at it and stroke it and then try and fold it up in the same lines! it is a scary and weird addiction and I thought I was the only one...