Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Having problems with the big nipple thing

In my lame attempt at a French Market Bag I have ended up with a French Nipple Bag that looks like a package of Lifesavers. I believe the problem was I didn't have big enough dpns for the start up so I used some smaller ones, hence the nippleage. Trying to decide whether it will kinda disappear during the felting or is it going to become just a smaller, yet firmer nipple? Believe me, any advice will be totally analyzed AND appreciated.

My guilt is slowly subsiding about the, you know, earlier post thing. Although, a friend of my husband's humour hasn't helped. He gets a wrong phone number in my presence and doesn't he scream into the phone "Wrong number! Go hang yourself". I'm pretty sure the person had already hung up. I am living a Seinfeld episode.

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