Friday, June 10, 2005

I am hoping Cleveland does not ROCK too much... Posted by Hello

DN1 is there now with her aunt, Nonno and Nonna. They left yesterday morning (yes, for those counting, I am down to one kid now) and will be there until Sunday night. She will be interacting with her cousins, twin boys, that are eighteen. Let's hope they stick to the fifteen year old stuff and not the eighteen year old stuff. Well, that's enough worrying for one day.

I am busy (operative word) working at my dad's toy store til the folks get home with DN2. Not exactly riveting, just finding it hard to become euphoric over a store full of these. Yes, euphoric is the key word here. Some people (male species) come into the store and literally, gasp. Their first time in, they can spend over an hour checking the place out. Really astounds me. And if I hear one more, "My wife doesn't know I am here", well I may just hop on the vintage toy pedal car and drive right outta there.

Knitting is, well, complicated. You know that Buttonhole Bag I made for DN3's teacher? No, not the first one I gave away but the second one? Okay, this is the prob. I had no gift to send to Cleveland so Bag #2 has gone to the good ole' US of A and must quickly make a third for the teacher gift. Are we seeing a pattern here?


knittingnurse said...

Ok, feeling very very surreal right now. You mentioned Cleveland (I live in suburb of Cleveland) and I will be visiting Toronto in late Summer, early Fall. AND, our weatherpixies dress alike. Your Dad has a toy store where men gasp a model cars/trucks. My DH and DS swoon over and collect Hot Wheels cars, etc. . . . I think we might live in eachothers "alternate universe". Whatcha think??? Tee hee!

On a serious note, since my DH has agreed to visit local YS in Toronto when we go, could you send me a few suggestions? Also, if you would send me the name of your Toy Store I would like to take DH and DS there as well.


btchwstix said...

Knitting Nurse:
Life is stranger than fiction, yes? My dad's toy store is located right off the 401, which is our major highway, here in Toronto. It is at the 401 and Kipling, at 24 Ronson Drive. I will email you with the yarn store information. That will take more time as I have a HUGE list. We have great yarn stores here! Enjoy!

J. said...

youe almost kidless, is the last one leaving as well?

Enjoy that next bag, at least they knit up quickly