Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wow, seems like...

Everyone is having negative blog comments lately. What is it with people doing this? If I were to have a comment, to a blogger, that was a little "deep" I think I would email the person and try and work it out through that route. Not that I have really had anything negative to say to a blogger (mum always said if you can't say something nice...) but why be nasty? And the name calling is so high (elementary?) school. Really, quite unbelieveable. Blogs are for people to write what they want, when they want. Which reminds me, I once got a comment that said "nice couch, grandma". What do you think that meant? :)

Just my two pence.


knittingnurse said...

I guess that I am assuming and you know what they say about assuming BUT here I go anyway. . . . . .I take it that you might have been talking about all the hub-bub over at knitty gritty's blog? Wasn't that just a horrible, horrible thing? I was actually surprised that I didn't get any malicious comments to my comment over there. Nice thing though is that Amy wrote to thank me for my support. Y'know, is it really so hard to "live and let live"?

I agree with you about the whole "high school" drama aspect. I read and roll my eyes at what some people feel they MUST write in their comments. I am with your mom (or was that your grandma?) "if you don't have something nice to say. . . . ."

I say that all the "up" people need to support eachother as much as possible. It gets so hard when you are being dragged down, don't you think?

knittingnurse said...

BTW, although we picked different weather pixies, I've noticed that our "girls" have the same wardrobe. I say they might be long lost sisters who are connecting telepathically via their wardrobes, whaddaya say? ;-}

btchwstix said...

Knitting Nurse:

It was actually several of my favourite blogs, Knitty Gritty (Annie) being one of them, but there is some name calling going on at Harlot as well and a few more actually. I just wish we could all be in our happy place.

Checked out your pixie and definite copying going on. They must call eachother in the morning to ask what the other is wearing.

kelly said...

i wish i knew too. maybe its that people are having a bad day, take a post the wrong way, and then vent all frustrations out on another persons blog.

or maybe mercury's retrograde.

who knows?

Elizabeth said...

Methinks someone does not enjoy your traditional taste in furniture, hence the grandma comment. A little snarky. But as you said, it's unfortunately going around.