Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pack Your Bags, Baby, You're Goin On A Guilt Trip (I may be a while)

Holy Crap. WTF and every other expletive you can think of. This one is kinda of a biggie. I have done some really stupid, idiotic, and possibly even moronic things before, but this takes the cake. God forgive me, please and I promise I will go to confession asap. Okay here's the story, Cripes are you sitting down?

At Christmas time, my husband told me to go to Rogers and pick up a cell phone for me and DN1. We get some nice ones (got her the camera one) and things should end there yes? No. Shortly after, I start getting wrong numbers. A lot of wrong numbers. Like, we're talking some days up to 20-30. Most of them I miss, can't find the phone, in my purse, yada, yada, yada. Anyway, I figure the best solution is call Rogers and get them to change my phone number. Well, being a large multinational type company it was not that easy. Although I purchased the phone, and carry the phone and my name is listed as the user of said phone, I cannot change the number as the contact name for this account is my husband's office manager (they pay the monthly bill). Needless to say, I never got around to it because I need this special letter thing and well you know how it goes. So I live with the constant wrong numbers but here's the problem.

They are slowly driving me crazy. When I am carrying groceries from the car to the house the phone rings. When I am trying to merge into 4 lanes of traffic on the 401, the phone rings (don't answer it). When I am lying in the dentist chair with the hygenist admonishing me for not coming in once every three months for her overzealous "cleaning", the phone is ringing. I begin to lose it with the callers. Gently at first, then full blown "Stop calling me. This is a cell number. You're costing me minutes". Did I mention it rings all night?

Today was like any other day. Up at 8:00, making kids Sunday brekkie, cell phone rings but this call is a little different. The caller asks if this is the DISTRESS LINE? Yes, you heard me correctly. So just to be sure, I go online and do different variations of my cellphone number. Guess what? I am one digit away from the PEEL REGION SUICIDE/DISTRESS LINE!!!

I can't believe a bolt of lightning has not zapped me.


FaeryCrafty said...

OMG! I would have freaked too but you had no way of knowing. Don't beat yourself up. I would have been upset with the constant wrong numbers too.

Chelle said...

Geez, that would be funny in a sit-com kinda way if it weren't potentially tragic!

That said, you had no way of knowing and didn't do anything malicious.

When we first moved to Scarborough, our phone number was one digit away from the main number at Scarborough Centenary Hospital and then the same number was misprinted on a CBC website as being for a Provincial Liberal candidate during an election. I understand losing patience with wrong numbers!

knittingnurse said...

Oh sweetie (snicker), I would feel the same way (snicker, snicker) but you MUST remember (snicker, SNORT) that you did NOT KNOW (big bufaa).

Lightning only strikes those that knowingly do wrong. You can't be held accountable for what you do not know.

BTW, did you get the # changed????