Friday, June 17, 2005

Temptation Island

50% ALL YARN ~ CLOSING SALE!!! If that isn't enough to give a knitter palpitations, I don't know what does. Elizabeth and I finally went for tea and yarn shopping at two of my favourite yarn shops and isn't one of them going out of business? It is the Yarn Tree in Streetsville (can't find a direct link, sorry guys) but it is on the main drag, Queen Street (aka Mississauga Road). What a pity, to be closing down during such a knitting renaissance. Almost brings a tear to my eye, but, alas, it was to Elizabeth's benefit as she really got some great deals. Everything is 50% off, including some beautiful Jo Sharp books among other things. I didn't buy a damn thing, if you can believe it. I still haven't told you but, Mother brought me back a big honkin' bag of Briggs and Little from New Brunswick and I just bought a tonne of Lamb's Pride for a bag for myself AND hubby bought a basket of yarn for me at a garage sale last week (what a honey, what ever shall I do for him?) plus, I still have those ten balls of cream mohair and you really don't want to know how much more is "in stash".

All the little nippers are back in the safety of my bosom. And I couldn't be happier. For now. Til they drive me round the bend again and that could be in the next five minutes but anyhoooo...

Enough about me, back to the SEX. After shopping, Elizabeth and I went for afternoon tea and it was tres bien. This wonderful fare was served at The Tea Room and I was duly impressed. Nicely presented, fresh sanwiches and more sweets than you can eat. And the scones? Excellent. They were round instead of triangular, but that I can forgive.

Let's see, am I forgetting anything? No, don't think so. Just nice to shop and tea with someone from the Knitting Blog community, that seems to share the same crazy ideas about yarn, gardening and other monumental issues.

Pictures will come when I find the damn camera (and then you just know the sucker will need battery recharging, right?) See, I told you they would start to drive me round the bend.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm still dreaming of that 50% cashmere and resisting, so far, the tempation to start anything new with the yarn..okay so maybe I swatched...