Friday, May 14, 2004

A Bit About My Addiction

My mother thinks I should enter one of those 12 step programs. You know the kind I mean. She thinks I am too obsessed with knitting. But what exactly is obsessed? I try to knit one to two hours per day. I scan the web for interesting knitting blogs, sites, stores etc. I go to yarn stores maybe once a week. I started a neighbourhood stitch n' bitch group in January that met every Tuesday night, it has since gone on hiatus until October. I attend a monthly West End SNB on the first Thursday of the month. Does this sound like a personality disorder to you? I find knitting relaxes me. I need that. I have a hectic life like everyone else and find it is a terrific release. When I knit, that is almost all I am thinking about. I'm not thinking about the war in Iraq or the air quality, I'm thinking about when to move the yarn to the front and when to move it back again. I should tell you I have only been knitting since October 2003. My mother tried to teach me when I was about 10. Then she used to cast on with her hand and one needle. She would show me and I would knit, but then started thinking if I can't figure out that cast on thing, why knit? But in October she showed me the two needle cast on and away I went. Pixie slippers were my first endeavor and by January I had knit slippers, mitts, scarves (5), the charm bag in the SNB book, and a baby hat for a teacher at the kid's school. I guess my point is I enjoy it, it doesn't hurt anyone (although it embarrasses my 14 year old like there's no tomorrow) and it is constructive. What more can you ask for? Okay, it's not sex but this I can do in public (kip).

Among other rants today, I must speak up about the popularity of knitting! It's everywhere. I open up my Doubleday club booklet and there's this book in there by Debbie Macomber called The Shop on Blossom Street. It's about four lives "knit together." I guess if you like Debbie and knitting you'll like this. Personally, I have never read anything of hers but if it's about knitting I probably will. Also, I took advantage of the Crafters Book Club offer to get some of my knitting books. They offer great deals on knitting books considering the ones I like all seem to be 35.00 to 40.00 CAD. Well that's it for today. GGK (gotta go knit).

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amanda said...

GGK, I like that!

I know what you mean on the addiction, my story is somewhat similar. My grandma first taught me how to knit when I was maybe 10. Since then, she's "taught me" again, countless times, I guess it just never took. Then, for whatever reason, I picked up the needles again last fall and I haven't stopped since. You can't tear them out of my hands.

My grandma is thrilled but my partner is worried ;)