Monday, May 24, 2004

The Yarnfather

Okay, I think I am doing things a little better. To all of you that have been wanting to post comments but do not want to register you now can as I think I have changed my comment settings.

Now, on to what happened at my garage sale. Yes, I put together a little bag of yarn (odds and ends) and 5 sets of needles. The needles were all plastic so this is the most decent burial I could think of for the little bendy suckers. Anyhow, stuck a $5.00 tag on and waited. However, competition was high. Neighbour's mother was offering Patons wool, brand new, 50g balls at $1.00 per ball. Lo and behold a man, yes, a man says "I'll take all the yarn on your table, just add it up," doesn't she sell the whole lot? No one bought my little sacrifice, it just sat there first in the cold, then in the rain. Oh well, still made almost a $100.00 bucks so I can't complain. But can you believe a guy ends up buying the neighbour's wool. (He said it was for his mom but you know how guys are).

Progress report:
FANDANGO THROW: Doing very well, holding fandango and eggplant coloured Mission Falls together and it is beautiful, have had many comments on it, just need to buy more of the eggplant to finish. I will call it "winter cabbage" or "kale" as the green and the eggplant are AMAZING together.
DAUGHTER NO.2 HOODIE: Half way through back, had to frog some yesterday, saw a mistake but back on track (guarantee 30+ temperatures will hit the moment I finish the sweaters)
DAUGHTER NO.3 SWEATER: Finished back and front, just need to do sleeves and little roll neck
AFGHAN FROM 1970'S PATTERN BOOK: Haven't touched it in two weeks

Bought the new Interweave Knit book and oh the plans I have. I guess I can kiss that $100 bucks goodbye. My neighbour thinks I am going to feed my habit with this money, I wish I could prove her wrong and yet I continue to...

Knit On


Anonymous said...

What are you taking for your addiction? It doesn't seem to be working.

Lisa said...

Too funny! You remind me of me, but I don't knit. When I did stay home with the kids I sewed and I still have half-sown projects and bundles of material in odd places...