Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Rip It... Rip It Good

Ever try to frog cotton chenille? I've been blowing chenille fibers out my nose since yesterday. Okay, have this great plan with the Colinette Fandango right? Wrong, oh so wrong. Get through one skein/hank/ball whatever and going to start with the Mission Falls and it just isn't working. So I start frogging. Not pretty. I'm thinking stripes of colour instead of the one ball of this, one ball of that strategy. Any comments, please feel free, I'm at that loser stage right now cuz I haven't completed anything in a while and I need that "just finished something" high. Suppose to be getting garage stuff ready and have been procrastinating like crazy. Still can't decide whether to get rid of some yarn yet. It's a big step, I don't know if I'm ready for it yet. Might try one of those crazy flower facecloths from the Weekend Knitting book again, mind you the last one I made almost sent me over the edge (again, I re-state, who's the pecker that invented dpns?) Had this conversation with my knitomatic homies and they quite agreed that it kinda sucked near the end especially(almost took one of my eyes out with those little suckers). Again, if anyone out there is a dpn pro, please enlighten me to the complexities of them, they scare me as much as pattern graphs. They are on my "don't go there" list along with cable patterns and any instructions that are more than a page long. Well GGK, chat you up later.

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