Thursday, May 13, 2004

Too Damn Hot To Knit Outside

As much as I looove knitting, it is way too hot out to knit. The temperature today is about 27 Celsius but there is a humidity factor that brings me down. I am not a "summer" person. I know it is politically incorrect to state this as a Canadian but I really dislike summer. I am a fall girl. My birthday is in the fall, I love sweaters, fireplaces, hot chocolate and walks in coloured, crinkly leaves. Then I like spring (real spring, not Toronto spring, where it is -2 C one day and 30+ with humidity the next), then winter, then summer. I can only knit inside where it is cooler, although I haven't turned the central air conditioning on yet as better half has not cleaned the furnace filters in a while.

In answer to Angela's questions, I love working with Bella and find it very cozy feeling, I am surprised it was not a good seller in your store. I purchased 5 balls for 8.00 at the Patons sale in February (yes hauled my butt up to Listowel with a Suburban full of blue haired ladies)speaking of which I have a hilarious story to tell about that trip. One of my older passengers, who shall remain nameless, is 87 years old. Sweet lady and verrry crafty (she's a hooker), anyhow, she's sitting in the back seat and traveling the 401 and I am driving in the passing lane trying to pass the middle guy. Anyway, this car comes zooming up behind me flashing his beams telling me I am not going fast enough for him and MOVE. So I pass the car, move back to the middle lane and tell my geriatric audience what just happened. Doesn't she pipe up and say, "You should have told me, I would have flipped him the bird for you." Gotta love it. Planning on going to the August Tent Sale up there, has anyone out there been to it? I hear it is good. They had quite a few brands other than their own when I was there in February.

Also, Angela asked about the afghan I am knitting on the tiny needles, and no, it is not a baby afghan but a leaf pattern from an afghan pattern book published in 1970 (did they have more time in the seventies?) This puppy is going to take me forever, but that's okay, I am enjoying it, and it is good for knitting in the summer as it is in panels and all cotton.

Well gotta go, daughter No.2 has soccer tonight and need to figure out some kind of dinner for the troops.


Angela said...

You'll be happy to know even though its been discontinued, Shelly's at Parkway Mall (Victoria PK and Ellesmere) has quite a bit up there in their sale bin for $2.99 a ball. Their number is 416 449-5313. BTW You're right it's much too hot to knit, time to crochet. :)
Angela in T.O

Rachelle said...

Hey! Another knitting Toronto mom with 3 girls!! It's a small world!

Just popped in to check out your blog...and let you know that I agree completely with your assessment of the weather re:knitting!