Sunday, May 16, 2004

Ciao For Now Yarn Diet

I keep trying to adhere to a yarn diet. You know finish off stuff before buying more, wait at least 2 full working days before purchasing more etc. but it ain't happening. Saw some beautiful Colinette last week at lys and did not buy (there was only three skeins) so I didn't bother. Well haven't I thought about that damn yarn all week? So I went back and got it yesterday. It is beautiful, yummy and soft like your favourtite bathrobe. So I do have a plan. I bought more Mission Falls cotton to intersperse with it and I'm going to make a small throw type thing. I also bought a digital camera this week so I will be showing you guys stuff soon as I hook it up. Half way through the back of the burgundy cotton hoodie for daughter No.2 and just finishing the front of pink Mission Falls sweater for daughter No.3. I have looked through the Rowan kids pattern book and have already planned three projects out of there. Also have the Rowan collection book and there is a men's sweater there in a cream that I would like to knit for the better half for Christmas but does the sweater curse apply to those that are married? I'll have to look into that as I am a bit superstitious. I am working with my new needles from and I am loving them. If you love wood like I do you have to go there and fall in love. Have breezed through The Yarn Girls' Guide but didn't really see anything that said, "Knit me!" Well there is a garden out there that is saying, "Prune me, cut me and rake me up!" So my thoroughly boring chat must end but I may post more later.

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evelena said...

I was half-way through knitting a sweater for my ex-husband when we split! I knit him several sweaters. I have not knit anything for current hubby but plan on doing same for Christmas... am willing to stare down the curse.
Thanks so much for setting up your blog by the way. I have been looking at it. My knitting has slowed to a crawl so I read on in envy.