Friday, April 15, 2005


DN1 has placed me in a very difficult situation. She has asked to borrow my Louis Vuitton purse to wear to school for a civies (no uniform) day. Apparently she planned her deliberation all day yesterday and presented quite an argument last night. Although I do give her top marks for a well organized and thought out debate, I had to say no. I just think she is not responsible enough to be carrying such an expensive purse. So now I will deal with a hormonal teenager that will be in a snit til the cows come home. The trials and tribulations of motherhood. Speaking of trials, I had to go on the shopping trip that every mother of a pre-teenage daughter hates. Yes, the Bra Shop. Now ordinarliy, this may be a somewhat fun experience. Not, however when you have one of these. Hockey playing daughters do not like shopping for bras. Most of them don't even like shopping period (unless it is for new skates or stick). So finding a bra that has no wire, lace, flowers, padding or "push me up" things is not easy. And no, the sports bras are not the answer as this daughter is, how shall we say...well endowed. She needs support. We finally ended up with two she was happy with, 2 hours later. Is there a saint for mothers of teenage daughters?


kelly said...

Glad to hear you found something. I know how hard it can be! As a well-endowed girl myself, I would suggest looking into the Champion line of sports bras. They are made specifically so that us chesty gals can do high-impact sports with as much vigor as we'd like. Seriously. If you stay away from the compression-style sports bras, you might find something that works really well.

Anonymous said...

If you find that saint, let me know, okay? ;)

Random Knits

J. said...

no sorry no saint I know of but there should be. If you decide you want to get her Louis for a birthday or something let me know and I will send you a knock off, they are every where here. But I am only here for 2 more months. It amazes me how teenage girls so want things that they can't have, I was like that but I wanted Guess jeans and there was no way my parents would buy me some because I would of destroyed them. The same money would buy 10 pairs at Zellers but I never understood that.

Yes, champions bras are good as are Marks and spencers but those are hard to find in canada now

btchwstix said...

Thank you so much for the offer! But HRH aka DN1 is going to have to suffer with her measly Guess purse (she has at least 7 purses) for now.

You have no idea how disappointed I was when Marks and Sparks closed. They had some very durable items and their kids stuff was adorable. I don't think anyone here sells their products.

Sounds like you will be happy to be home, mmm?

thrill_me_mogilny said...

Yes, there is a patron saint of mothers(even teenage ones!). I know this because I am named after her - Saint Monica(or like me Monika). She must have been a decent mum after all because one of her offspring was the great Saint Augustine, who apparently was a booze swilling, lay about in his teens. Eventually he started reading and became Bishop of Hippo and then on to sainthood.

Another vote for the Champion hooter holders. I too hate the lacy, frilly bras. I find that Zellers has a great selection. If you can, head to The Bay ay Yonge & Queen - best rpices and selection.