Monday, April 11, 2005

From Rowan Junior "Lou"Posted by Hello

I am working on this for DN3. I am doing it in a burgundy colour and it is working up very quickly. I also purchased 12 balls of this yesterday at $2.oo CAD per ball. That sounds like a deal, no? I will attempt to make something for DH with it. These are some of my bigger projects and I figured I would start with the cheaper stuff until I am totally confident that I really know what I am doing. I am still nervous about spending $150.00 on a project that I feel destined to screw up.


1nderlandwoman said...

Your ass only needs kicked cause you are way too hard on yourself!!! Come on I know you can deal with anything. You would not be destined to screw up - and as hard as it may be - you can always frog. The Rowan sweater is very cute bet DN3 is excited

btchwstix said...

DN3 does not yet know about the sweater as the last sweater mum knit for her took almost one year to complete and we all know 6 year old girls do not stop growing for their needle-challenged mothers. But thank you so much for the boost! (I guess we all need that once in a while)


Tanya said...

Lou is very cute :) I made a Rowan sweater very similar to that one called Dumpling in baby-sized :) Isn't it great how fast the Rowan big wool knits up?