Sunday, April 03, 2005

It's Like Magic

I know you all have seen the before and after shots but it still amazing me. Although I am a bit worried about the draining of my washer as the fluff/mohair? that came off these suckers was amazing. I hope my washer continues to *work* (praying to Water Gods) and that all that fluff is now out of my drains. That would really be all I need.

On to other things. DN2 has an exhibition soccer game today here. Now ordinarily that would not be significant in itself but it is an OUTDOOR game and maybe you haven't been keeping up with Ontario weather but I don't think if it looks like this, she should be playing.

And my MIL and FIL are returing from here today so I have to hurry and finish a scarf that was for her birthday. I also promised to make some pizzas for their arrival. So gotta go.

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jussi said...

look, I am the LAST person to suggest that anyone do laundry...but, I have read the effects that water has had on your life lately...and I would just suggest that you put a couple of loads of non-fluffy stuff through...preferably on a hot water cycle to ungunk the pipes...

that said, the clogs are gorgeous, and the buttonhole bags are yummy!