Monday, April 18, 2005

Seamy Side of Life

Seaming sucks. I know you look to me for poetic phrases but there are no other words to describe the crappiest part of knitting. For shit sake I have redone them 3 times. I need another tutorial here. Wish me luck, I'm going in. And if I don't hurry up and seam the sucker, DN3 will grow again and I will be skinny dipping in the freezing cold frog pond...again.


On Saturday I hit the dreaded DVP and met up with fellow bloggers, Sandra, Tanya, and Elizabeth at the Knitter's Frolic. It was a bit disappointing yarn wise but really great to finally put a face to the blog. However, my purchases were minimal, just the yarn for mum and the wooden buttons for "Lou". But I do plan on stopping at Camilla Farms on the way up north this summer. The button selection was yarngasmic and they sell the Peace Fleece which I would really like to try.


LeAnne said...

Oh my God, I just read your post about The Bra Shop. I've been putting that off. My youngest is a daughter and I have two older boys that didn't need The Bra Shop! I need advice!

btchwstix said...

My only advice is to have PATIENCE. It took my hockey player two hours to find two bras. Maybe the sports bra thing is a good choice if she isn't too Pamela Anderson like.

Good Luck,
(you'll need it)